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Immersive Video Stories

From a look at urban beekeeping to the Bay Area's housing crisis,
check out these stories we are producing and sharing in a 360-degree view.


Immersive video tour: Chochenyo Park commemorates Black, Indigenous history

This immersive video story features the voices of Alameda community members who played a role in renaming the city's Jackson Park to Chocenyo Park.

By Thomas Manglona



Black Trans Liberation: An Evening at the Stonewall Protests in New York City

2020 was the most dangerous year in U.S. history for Black trans women. The fight for Black trans liberation continues – every Thursday – at the Stonewall Inn in New York City.

By Iman Floyd-Carroll



I Love You, Dad (Father’s Day)

On Father's Day, this immersive video honors the memories of two fathers.

By Anthony Kayruz



Explore tidepools and dive into a California Kelp Forest in 360°

Local harvester Ian O'Hollaren shares his knowledge of a California kelp forest and its role in providing habitat and food in the ecosystem.

By Tylar Campbell, Olivia Light, Veronica Lin, Madison Pobis and Kenichiro Shino



Off the Grid: An immersive 360 video dramatization of the PG&E power outages

This 360 video dramatizes a fictional evening in October 2019 set in Healdsburg, CA, when PG&E turned out the lights.

By Megan Calfas, Joe Dworetzky, Seimi Chu



Palo Alto pickleballers volley for a win in battle over courts: A 360-degree view

The Palo Alto Pickleball Club has over 400 members, 40 percent of whom are from Palo Alto. They play every day at Mitchell Park, frequently offering free clinics for the public on the tennis courts.

By Gillian Brassil and Dilcia Mercedes



Rescue to Reunion: A fictional dog’s perspective during a disaster

This immersive piece is a fact-based depiction of a fictional dog named Gus, who is separated from its family by a natural disaster and depicts the process of reuniting them.

By Yuri Zatisev and Thomas Kai Wucherpfennig



A 360 experience: One urban beekeper’s quest to go beyond the honey

One urban beekeeper is gradually realizing that bringing honeybees into the city is not the best way to protect our environment and save the pollinators.

By Andrea Chung and Barna Szász



Remembering and rebuilding the Honey Run Covered Bridge after the Camp Fire

Last year’s Camp Fire destroyed the beloved Honey Run Covered Bridge between Paradise and Chico. But it didn’t take long for residents to start rebuilding the bridge — using salvaged materials from the original structure.

By Melanie Hogue and Ashlyn Rollins



A peek inside recreational vehicle communities in the Bay Area

Ad hoc communities comprised of transient recreational vehicles continue to grow in the Bay Area.

By Maria Popo, Elisa Lupin-Jimenez and Jenny Kim



Auguste Rodin in 360 degrees

With over 200 works, three galleries and a sculpture garden, the Cantor Arts Center houses the largest collection in the Americas from Auguste Rodin.

By Zulfiya Hamzaki



Experience Bay Area capoeira in 360 degrees

The Bay Area is a hub for capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that’s all about creativity, communication and community.

By Jackie Botts and Nico Sandi



Beyond Zodiac: A 360 video tour of the Bay Area crime scenes

Fifty years ago, a murderer caused panic and hysteria in the San Francisco Bay Area. Revisit the sites where confirmed attacks took place.

By Katlyn Alo, Anthony Miller, Marta Oliver-Craviotto and Matt Shimura



Inside SLAC: Discover the longest linear particle accelerator in 360

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, located in Menlo Park, is a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory operated by Stanford University. It hosts a 2-mile linear accelerator, the longest of its kind in the world.

By Marta Oliver-Craviotto and Anthony Miller



In the heart of the Central Valley, a young activist fights for immigrant rights

As pressure from hostile political rhetoric towards immigrants looms, the daughter of migrant farmworkers in California’s Central Valley joins local activists to bring awareness to issues facing farmworkers and the greater immigrant community. Experience the story of her life through 360 video.

By Bethney Bonilla



THE NEW NORMAL - California’s climate in crisis

A 360-degree video experience takes you on a journey from the Sierras to the Pacific Ocean, along the flooded creeks and damaged roads of this record-breaking California winter.

By  and 



OPINION - The $25 billion divide

As a first-generation American, Dane Christensen felt Donald Trump’s harsh words cut deep about immigration and building the border wall with Mexico.

By Dane Christensen



POWER IN EVERY STROKE – A rowing practice in 360

Rowing can be a seemingly calm sport on the outside. But on the inside, rowers pay meticulous attention to every stroke, their minds acting as the shutter of a camera, examining each miniscule movement individually. Experience this in 360 video.

By Felix Petermann, Tori Owens, Dylan Tull and Kelly Swanson



COMMUNES IN SAN FRANCISCO - Returning to the roots of communal living

As San Francisco’s housing crunch continues, some residents are choosing to forgo traditional apartments and live in intentional, communal living under one roof. Experience this in 360-degree video.

By Anna Yelizarova and Siqi Lin



San Francisco Russian Hill resident wins first step in landmark tree status

Meri Jaye, 96, secured the unanimous vote of the San Francisco Landmark Tree Committee to grant landmark status to the redwood tree she planted in her backyard nearly 55 years ago.

By Kelly Swanson



IMMERSIVE THEATER - Through a political lens

Experience immersive theater in 360-degree video -- a type of theater where the audience does not sit safely in seats but are instead thrust into the action of the scenes themselves.

By Sejin Paik, Paul Wallace and Dane Christensen



A 360-degree journey through Norway

Experience the breathtaking roads, mountains and fjords of Norway in Peninsula Press Reporter Anna Yelizarova's 360-degree travel story.

By Anna Yelizarova



Around the world in 360 degrees

Equipped with a 360-degree camera, Peninsula Press Reporter Anna Yelizarova set off on a journey around the world in 2016 to learn more about storytelling in 360.

By Anna Yelizarova



IN PLAIN SIGHT - Homeless in Silicon Valley

In an immersive 360-degree video experience, Paul, a Silicon Valley native, brings us to the spaces he slept on the streets of Palo Alto, through the invisibility of homelessness to the possibility of secure shelter.

By Jamie Stark



An exploration of binaural sound in VR storytelling

The idea behind binaural audio is to capture sounds to simulate how we perceive sound waves in real life.

By Anna Yelizarova



IMMERSIVE BAY – Sports and hobbies in 360 video

In a new series of 360-degree immersive videos, we introduce you to Stanford students and alumni who take you inside their sports and hobbies.

By Anna Yelizarova and Naomi Cornman



A 360-degree video view into the Lightning in a Bottle festival

A 360-degree video experience of Lightning in a Bottle, an annual music festival in the Central Coast region of California.

By Anna Yelizarova