Iman Floyd-Carroll


  • Iman Floyd-Carroll

    Born in the Bay Area and raised in Philadelphia, Iman Floyd-Carroll draws on her bi-coastal attitude to fortify her principles in seeking to highlight identity, phenomena, and spaces that fall within the margins of mainstream media coverage. A recent graduate of Stanford University, she received her BS in science, technology, and society with a focus in media and communication in June 2020. As an undergraduate, Iman served as the Editor-in-Chief of Stanford’s sole print style and culture publication, MINT Magazine. Under her leadership and desire for an experiential and identity-focused publication, MINT Magazine became Stanford University’s premier student culture publication – her efforts pushing MINT’s readership to 40,000 worldwide in 42 countries. A well-traveled photojournalist, public speaker, and chief administrator for publication affairs: Iman has the “heart of a businesswoman coupled with the intimate vision of a painter.” Under her tenure, MINT Magazine garnered high-profile partnerships with Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, LVMH, Samsung, VFILES, and Lancôme, in addition to many others, to create experiential and pre-professional programming for students interested in the intersection of tech, fashion, beauty, and new modes of multimedia storytelling. Self-described as a “universalist”, Iman has worked in multiple creative and administrative roles within fashion, music, design-thinking, and technology. Notably, she has served as a digital and creative consultant for Blavity News, LVMH (via Emilio Pucci), SKULLCANDY, and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. Within her master’s program, Iman is interested in using VR and AR technologies as a way of mediating epistemological injustice and using emerging technologies to bridge bi-partisan public issues through creating new forms of accessible and empathetic storytelling.

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