IMMERSIVE BAY – Sports and hobbies in 360 video

Rachael Flatt is a retired U.S. National Champion figure skater, but has not stopped being involved in the skating world.

Coleman Buckley graduated from Stanford in 2010 and moved to Santa Cruz where he pursues his passion for kitesurfing.

Diane Rodriguez tries a different sport every week.

Julianna Lamb used to be a competitive runner, though injuries and other setbacks pushed her away from running.

Andre Cornman started fencing in the eighth grade, and he is now on the varsity fencing team at Stanford. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Reporter Naomi Cornman is the sister of Andre Cornman, featured in one of the 360-degree videos.)

In a new series of 360-degree immersive videos, reporters Anna Yelizarova and Naomi Cornman introduce you to Stanford University students and alumni who take you inside their sports and hobbies. Click the image below to launch the “Immersive Bay” project website. Also below┬áis one of the five stories to preview, focused on kitesurfing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.35.46 AM

ON DESKTOP: While the video is playing, drag your mouse around to view the various 360-degree perspectives.
ON MOBILE: To view in 360 degrees by utilizing your smartphone’s sensors, you must launch the video in the YouTube app.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Peninsula Press is a project of the Stanford Journalism Program.


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