Photo of the Vietnamese American Service Center building

New service center hopes to bridge disparities among Vietnamese Americans in Santa Clara County

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Tree shortage leaves East Palo susceptible to climate change


Palo Alto, a city with a median annual income of $158,000, has tree canopy coverage as high as 25% in some neighborhoods, according to the Healthy Places Index. Trees occupy a fourth of the land within the city. Adjacent East Palo Alto, where three in four residents are either Black or Latino, has a median income of $67,000. HPI shows one neighborhood with canopy coverage of 12%. The rest have 6%.

A man is holding a baby, a young girl kisses the baby’s hand. Another girl is in the background at a table.

Afghan family begins to rebuild in Bay Area, after three months of life on hold


The Hofionis are among hundreds of Afghans who have arrived in the Bay Area since August. When they first landed in California, they were greeted by resettlement agencies, non-profits and the county government, all of whom tried to help them do the nearly impossible: find an affordable home in one of the country’s most expensive housing markets.

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