Auguste Rodin in 360 degrees

For decades, visitors have flocked to the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University to get a closer look at famous sculptures by Auguste Rodin. With over 200 works, three galleries and a sculpture garden, the museum houses the largest collection in the Americas from the French artist.

Visitors are familiar with some works, including the 10-feet tall bronzed doors called The Gates of Hell or the giant sculpture of a seated Dante, called The Thinker.

There’s also The Age of Bronze, one of Rodin’s earliest sculptures depicting a male nude. The work caused controversy when it was first exhibited in 1877. The Kiss, another famous sculpture, is considered a timeless representation of love.

Inside the museum, visitors can also peruse lesser known works. The Cantor’s galleries are filled with Rodin’s depictions of his friends, family members, lovers and enemies that tells the artist’s life story.


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