A 360-degree journey through Norway

Experience the breathtaking roads, mountains and fjords of Norway in Peninsula Press Reporter Anna Yelizarova's 360-degree travel story.

Anker Hostel is a central hub for travelers and the starting point for a lot of adventures in Norway. In this 360-degree immersive piece, experience the stories of four guests who met at Anker.

First, follow Katie Kramon and Jesse Coull as they set off on a six-week bike tour across Norway, Sweden and Ireland, with nothing but their bikes and camping gear.

Then join Brendan Lacey and Peninsula Press Reporter Anna Yelizarova as they hike the famous Trolltunga hike in Odda. Otherwise known as Troll’s Tongue, it is an arduous 13.7-mile (22-kilometer) hike round trip, which culminates at a viewpoint with a large rock sticking out on top of a fjord.

Experience the breathtaking roads, mountains and fjords in the 360-degree video above.

VIEWING ON COMPUTER: While the video is playing, drag your mouse around to view the various 360-degree perspectives.

VIEWING ON MOBILE DEVICE: To view in 360 degrees by utilizing your smartphone’s or tablet’s sensors, you must launch the video in the YouTube app.

(Anna Yelizarova/Peninsula Press)
(Anna Yelizarova/Peninsula Press)
(Anna Yelizarova/Peninsula Press)
(Anna Yelizarova/Peninsula Press)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Reporter Anna Yelizarova is actively exploring virtual reality and 360-video storytelling. Katie Kramon, featured in the piece, is a former Peninsula Press reporter.

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Anna is a passionate and dynamic individual who came to Silicon Valley four years ago from Montreal, Canada. Prior to university, she got really into video-making through her life as an athlete. At the age of 13, after her dad introduced her to video-editing software he used for work, she started traveling with an old-school camcorder on every water polo trip. These days, she melds that passion with modern technology through virtual reality and immersive storytelling. Her academic background is technical in nature. She completed a B.S. in computer science at Stanford, where she is currently pursuing a M.A in communication, doing research at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab. In the summer of 2016, as part of an exploration of 360 video, Anna started an immersive travel blog "Follow The White Rabbit," as she traveled the world documenting her adventures.

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