Alcatraz Island to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day Sunrise Gathering

Alcatraz Sunrise Ceremony Sheds Light on Indigenous People’s Day

On Monday, Oct. 10, people from all across the United States gathered on Alcatraz Island to celebrate the annual Indigenous Peoples’ Day Sunrise Gathering. This event commemorates the 1969-1971 occupation of the island by Bay Area Native Americans and aims to celebrate the courage and resilience of Native Americans in spite of years of dislocation. …

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Decorative ‘Welcome’ sign, Diwali

Community identity on full display at 2022 Bay Area Diwali Festival

Cupertino — Scents of decadent food stall delights; enchanting tunes and riveting musical acts; beaming smiles amongst cheerful crowds, and flashes of colours from the elegant sarees, dhotis and other garments adorning so many of the hundreds of attendees who had flocked from far and wide to immerse themselves in the cultural melting pot at

Behind the Scenes of Spotify Wrapped

Music streaming service Spotify launched its annual “Wrapped” campaign — a data-driven feature that showcases the artists and genres that people listened to the most, individualized reports of user data highlighting users’ top songs and podcasts of the year, how many minutes users spent streaming music and podcasts, and cultural trends that shaped 2020.

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