Women of Silicon Valley: A safe haven for women in technology


SILICON VALLEY — Lea Coligado was 19 years old when she held a summer internship at a small software company in Silicon Valley. While there, she faced comments about how women don’t code because they are better at art and heard insinuations that women’s brains were just not wired to handle the algorithmic complexity that their male counterparts could. Instead of complimenting her code, she received comments about her clothes. 

The newest players in the crypto space? Teenage girls


SAN FRANCISCO —  At 9 a.m. on a recent Saturday, dozens of young, African-American women, ages 13 to 17, stood in a line outside a tall, glass-plaited building to learn the complexities of bitcoin — a digital currency with a market that’s worth more than $100 billion. The event was part of Black Girls Code, a nonprofit groups that teaches technology and coding skills to African American girls.