Tech disability community meets for conversation and connection

SILICON VALLEY — Demographic data on employees who self-identify as having a disability is often some of the last to be added to diversity reports for tech companies. And some major tech firms still lack resource groups focused on disability. The Tech Disability Project is a place where tech workers with disabilities can meet, share their experiences, and discuss their hopes for disability advocacy in the tech industry.

Wildland development escalates California fire costs

PARADISE — The Camp Fire is just the latest mega-fire in California — and the cost of fighting such fires has risen dramatically. California dwarfs other states in fire-suppression costs, an analysis by a Stanford journalism class has found. The Stanford class analyzed daily reports from the most expensive fires in every state from 2014 to 2017, and found that dense development at the border of wildlands — in communities like Paradise, Cobb, and Santa Rosa — helps explain California fires’ exceptional damage and expense to put out.