Uncertainty reigns when it comes to what the legal recreational marijuana market will look like in California


PALO ALTO — As of Jan. 1, Palo Altans will be able to buy marijuana by delivery but it will be illegal to sell in stores. Five miles away in Mountain View, retail sales will be allowed. Just a short hop over the Santa Cruz Mountains in Half Moon Bay, farmers are preparing for the possible commercial cultivation of marijuana plants.

A woman talks in front of a mic and recorder.

Speier dismisses Trump’s response to Manafort indictment as ‘spin’


SAN MATEO – In a wide-ranging interview with the Peninsula Press at her San Mateo district office Oct. 30, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-14th) also said that Democrats would have to accept some Republican demands if they want to protect undocumented youth immigrants from deportation, that she planned to introduce legislation to make it easier for Congressional staffers to file sexual assault claims and that social media companies could face regulation beyond laws forcing them to disclose political advertisers’ identities.