Egg farmers, animal welfare groups clash in Sonoma County

Protests began on a spring day in 2018. Around 500 demonstrators led by DxE protested outside Weber Family farms in Petaluma, Calif. Dozens of activists removed chickens they described as sick or dying. Weber Family Farms says the group’s allegations of animal cruelty are untrue.

Why Louisiana church burnings prompted a discussion about racism in metal music

Authorities highlighted an arson suspect’s association with a music sub-genre known as “black metal” as a possible motive for allegedly burning down three historically black churches in Louisiana. Some on social media felt that the conversation should have been about racism, not music. But others pointed out that black metal has a history of association with nationalism and white supremacy.

How California police departments targeted gay men in sting operations for a century

LONG BEACH — San Carlos-based civil rights attorney Bruce Nickerson estimates that between 40,000 and 50,000 people in California, mainly gay men, have been arrested in illegitimate police decoy operations since 1979, the year the California Supreme Court redefined lewd conduct to include a question of whether an action was highly offensive to an observer.