Misato Nakayama


  • Misato Nakayama

    Misato Nakayama, a Fulbright grantee, is from Yokohama, Japan. Misato graduated from Washington College with B.A in economics and international studies. During her school years, she worked as an editorial assistant at The Washington Diplomat, an independent monthly newspaper in Washington D.C. Misato started her career as a reporter at The Nikkei, Japan’s top business/economic newspaper, which also owns the Financial Times, and covered a variety of stories from start-up companies to the Japanese government. As a beat reporter, Misato reported on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s statements and activities, and interviewed Japanese and foreign politicians. Afterwards, Misato worked at a risk management consulting firm, where she helped clients conduct due diligence investigations and fraud investigations. Her working experience made her aware of the threat of “fake news,” as well as the potential of using publicly available data for reporting. At Stanford, she hopes to learn the utilization of technology for uncovering in-depth news stories in public policy and political fields.

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