Santa Clara County considers proposed sand mining operation on indigenous sacred land

The San Diego-based investment company Debt Acquisition Company of America gained control over the land’s development rights through their work helping the property transition from bankruptcy to foreclosure after its former owners, Sargent Ranch LLC, put it up for auction. In 2016, DACA proposed a sand and gravel mining quarry on approximately 320 acres of the land for the next 30 years. There is a plan to work towards restoring the land once the project is completed.

Bay Area kid activists are prioritizing climate protests over school plays to save their future

BAY AREA — There is a growing crowd of Bay Area youth climate activists. Youth leaders were some of the critical organizers of the local September climate week, where 40,000 people were out in the streets of San Francisco, a portion of the estimated 7.6 million who struck globally in support of more governmental action to prevent climate change.