Local artist Dan Woodard talks about the transition from film to sculpture

How does one make the jump from a mass-medium art form like filmmaking to a more personalized form like sculpture?

For local artist Dan Woodard, the secret lies in focusing on the element of play inherent in both mediums.

Woodard currently has a solo sculpture show titled “Heads and Hands” on display at the Redwood City Rotunda Gallery, sponsored by the San Mateo County Arts Commission.

"Heads and Hands" sculpture piece
Dan Woodard’s latest sculpture show “Heads and Hands” is on display at the Redwood City Rotunda Gallery. (Ileana Najarro/Peninsula Press)

While Woodard has been delving into sculpture for the last seven years, his longest running stint in the art world was based in filmmaking.

He started exploring film as an undergraduate in the 1960s, and after several years of living in what he calls “a hippie homestead,” he attended Stanford University at age 40 for its graduate film production program. He remained at Stanford for a few years working as director of video productions and later took up jobs from various small businesses. He then dedicated about 20 years to running his own company, White Light Productions, where he wrote, directed and produced corporate films — many centered on comedy.

In retirement, Woodard has found his new artistic muse in sculpture, which he said allows him to feel like a kid again, letting the idea of play lead his artistic choices.

Woodard’s “Heads and Hands” show will remain on display through June 30.


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