In Colma, Pets Rest Cemetery and Crematorium stands apart from the austere atmosphere of human cemeteries


For more than 70 years, Bay Area pet lovers have gone to Pets Rest Cemetery and Crematorium to give their pets the dignity of final burial or cremation. Pets Rest is located in Colma, a necropolis south of San Francisco where 1.5 million humans have been laid to rest in more than a dozen cemeteries. Pets Rest is a sharp contrast in appearance to the austere and dignified atmosphere found at the human cemeteries. The mortal remains of dogs, cats, goldfish, hamsters and many other animals are marked by grave markers and headstones in a lively colorful jumble.

Pets Rest has inspired strong opinions from the pet lovers who have brought their loved animals here for final rest. This video looks at Pets Rest and the considers what pet lovers have written about their experiences with the cemetery.