Podcast: Exploring the powerful, puzzling connections between climate change and the coronavirus crisis

COVID-19 has upended our world. It has killed hundreds of thousands of people globally, tanked the world economy and forced us to shutter our doors and live our lives on Zoom.

And yet, the coronavirus is not the only existential crisis in town.

For more than 30 years, scientists have been warning of the dire threat of climate change. But unlike with COVID-19, we have failed to act decisively on this second, parallel crisis — a crisis that is slow-moving and still largely invisible, but ultimately promises to reshape our planet in even more unprecedented ways.

Climate in the Coronaverse is a podcast about these two global crises, and the powerful, puzzling connections between them. Why have we acted so boldly and broadly on this virus, but not on climate change? How can we bridge the partisan divides that hold us back from acting on both? Is there any hope of leveraging these unprecedented times to finally kickstart climate action?

In this five-part series, we’ll explore these questions and more with the scientists, journalists and activists on the front lines. Listen to the full series here:


  • Matthew Vollrath

    Matthew is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a master's degree in Journalism at Stanford University, which is less than a mile from his childhood home. He also sings a cappella, tutors writing, and attempts to write screenplays. He is one of the last remaining subscribers to MoviePass, and one of the last remaining humans who is not on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (though he finally caved and got a Facebook.)

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