Podcast: Exploring critical questions about our current and political climate

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Podcast: Bread & Buttuh is an occasional podcast about issues affecting black citizens in this country. We will answer critical questions about our current and political climate such as How did we get here? Have things really changed? What direction must we go next?

The death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement in Minnesota shock waves around the world shedding necessary light on the plight of Africans Americans and black people suffering from police brutality. In Georgia, the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man who was pursued then allegedly gunned down by three white men, is being described as a lynching because it involves a wrongful accusation and a presumption of guilt emboldening vigilantes who sought to take the law into their own hands knowing there wouldn’t be repercussions for their actions.

Ahmaud’s death comes three days before the House passed H.R. 35 also known as the Emmett Till Anti-lyching Act which would effectively categorize lynching as a federal crime. The bill passed and awaits a vote in the Senate, but is now deferred due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since the end of the Civil War, a majority of white Americans have told black people to “get over slavery” and to enjoy the freedoms that they have gained following emancipation. Yet white-dominated society turns ​a blind eye to everyday structural racism, blatant police brutality and ​racial terrorism promoted by white supremacists. Today is the moment to confront the ugly truth of America’s racial history.

Host Tylar Campbell will be exploring these issues with experts, activists, artists and more on the front lines — people who are defining the conflict and reshaping the conversation.


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