The numbers behind Super Bowl LIII

Some commentators are calling it the "most boring game ever."

Super Bowl LIII was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history, and had the lowest TV viewership in a decade. Some commentators are calling it the “most boring game ever.” Despite the millions tuning in, Super Bowl LIII’s reception was largely unflattering. Comments flooded in from twitter critiquing the game and poking fun at the half time show and the commercials.

Fans waited until the fourth quarter for the first and only touchdown of the game, when the Patriots’ Sony Michel ran the ball into the end zone.  The New England Patriots beat the Rams 13-3, for a cumulative point total of 16 points.  For comparison, the average cumulative point total over the last decade has been about 50 points.

Viewership also suffered in comparison to past years.  In the last decade, most super bowls have about over 110 million viewers.  This year, only 98 million people tuned in, according to Statista.  Despite the dissatisfaction of some fans, Football is still America’s favorite sport to watch.

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