Animal shelter eager to take over outdated Palo Alto Animal Services


Pets in Need, a privately-funded animal shelter in Redwood City, hardly looks like an animal shelter at all — with “cat condos” covered in hot pink paint and Eiffel Tower posters, two dog exercise areas and a full surgical center for veterinary operations.

On the other hand, animals at the city-run Palo Alto Animal Services live in kennels that use chain-link fencing and are kept in an outdated facility in need of renovations.  The shelter also has an open door policy, which means they accepts animals in any state, including ones in dire health. So, the shelter is sometimes forced to euthanize animals with severe medical or behavioral conditions, according to Dr. Bonnie Yoffe, Board Certified City Veterinarian of Palo Alto Animal Services.

Pets in Need, a no-kill shelter that surpasses the industry standard of a 90 percent live release rate, is vying for the opportunity to take over the Palo Alto city shelter.

“It has been an ongoing effort for the past two years and we will be presenting a draft of the management agreement to the city council in the next couple of months,” said Jacqueline Stewart, a development assistant with Pets in Need.

The Palo Alto City Council will consider allowing Pets in Need to take over management of  Palo Alto Animal Services in April 2018.

Palo Alto Animal Services Shelter declined to comment on the upcoming vote.