The Castilleja School plans to submit updated expansion plans


Contrary to neighbors’ wishes, the Castilleja School plans on submitting revised expansion plans to the City of Palo Alto this month.

These updated plans include increasing enrollment, the removal of two Castilleja-owned houses, the removal of surrounding trees, and the installation of an underground parking garage.

While the original plans were introduced in June of 2016, the revision was introduced in April of 2017. Neighbors say they’re concerned about noise levels, traffic and tree removal.

According to Amy French, chief planning official for the City of Palo Alto, Castilleja is working with a traffic consultant and preparing an environmental impact report before submitting the revised plans for review.

“However it turns out, the council will have the decision authority to either approve it or deny it,” says French. “It’s the council’s decision, so we’ll see if it comes forward in 2018 or 2019.”

Castilleja expects to submit the plans for review by the city by the end of February.