SPECIAL REPORT: Affordable housing headaches on the Peninsula


With high demand to live in one of the hottest technology hubs in the world, Silicon Valley continues to struggle with having sufficient affordable housing options. We explore Menlo Park’s Belle Haven neighborhood, which is seeing gentrification with Facebook’s increasing presence; Palo Alto’s Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, whose residents will be displaced if the property is sold; and the data behind vanishing mobile home parks across the state.


Renters struggle to keep up in Menlo Park’s Belle Haven neighborhood

By Farida Jhabvala Romero

Elsa, a mother of four who requested her last name not be used because of her immigration status, cleans up her home in a rented garage on Jan 15, 2015. Elsa and her husband have been unable to find an apartment they can afford in the area. (Farida Jhabvala Romero/Peninsula Press)

Silicon Valley’s tech boom is exacerbating a regional housing deficit that is pushing low-income residents to move out of the region to more affordable cities or stay put in tough living conditions.

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Local officials taking steps to help Buena Vista Mobile Home Park residents

By Emma Neiman

Residents of Palo Alto’s Buena Vista Mobile Home Park have won three small victories that may allow them to stay in their homes or receive adequate compensation if they have to relocate.

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California’s affordable mobile home parks vanishing

By Katie Kramon

Mobile home lots closed across California. CLICK to launch full interactive graphic. (Data visualization by Katie Kramon/Peninsula Press)

As affordable housing for middle- and lower-income families is drying up by the month in California, among the hardest hit are those living in mobile home parks.

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