Peninsula residents irked by Surf Air jet noise overhead homes


Since June 2013, startup airline Surf Air has been delivering on an enticing promise: making travel between Silicon Valley and Los Angeles a quick, low-hassle commute.

There’s no need to arrive an hour-and-a-half early to board one of the company’s seven-passenger planes, because TSA (Transportation Security Administration) screening isn’t required — unlike much-larger San Francisco and Mineta San Jose International Airports. The company’s planes fly out of the San Carlos Airport, making catching flights convenient for Silicon Valley businesspeople.

But not everyone is pleased about Surf Air’s approach.

Residents of Atherton, North Fair Oaks and Menlo Park who live beneath the planes’ descent path say the planes’ noise disrupts their daily lives much more than other planes do, making working from home difficult. Some of them claim they can tell whether or not a plane is operated by Surf Air from its pitch and volume, even when they’re inside their homes.

Watch the Peninsula Press’ report on the issue, “The Debate Overhead,” to learn about what residents want changed, Surf Air’s response and why — even if you don’t live near San Carlos — the debate could affect you one day, too.

(Homepage photo courtesy of Surf Air)