200-ton historic house finds new home across San Jose State campus


A house weighing approximately 400,000 pounds moved nearly one mile across San Jose State University on Saturday.

To make room for a new $181 million Interdisciplinary Science Building, the university decided that the Associated Students House, previously known as the Scheller House, would be moved to a new location near the intersection of E. San Antonio and S. 10th Street. In comparison to the A.S. House’s 6,508 square feet, the new building will stand at 161,200 square feet.

The relocation effort drew spectators. Everyone from former students to retired staff waited from behind caution tape as the house was towed — squeezing between trees and rolling over lawns. The move started at 7 a.m., and the crowds were still watching as the home pulled into its destination eight hours later.

Set in its new home, the A.S. House, built in 1904, remains a historic emblem of architect Theodore Lenzen’s work.