[ By Katie Brigham, Matthew Hansen and Vjeran Pavic | 9 Jun 2014 ]
SPECIAL REPORT – Leaded gas: A toxic tale
“Leaded Gas: A Toxic Tale” is an adaptation of an award-winning print article that tells the story of how major corporate interests turned a blind eye to health risks from leaded gasoline from the 1920s through 1980s. Read the full story »
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[ By Jessica Tonn | 14 Jul 2014 | ]
‘Surgery suite on wheels’ helps local pet-owners with free spay, neuter services Peninsula Humane Society was one of the first to operate a low-cost, on-site spay and neuter clinic. Now, it has taken its services into San Mateo and San Francisco communities with a mobile service.

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[ By Renee Donovan | 11 Jul 2014 | ]
West Nile Virus is alarming example of climate change’s effects The local threat of West Nile Virus is high. As dwindling water supplies and rising temperatures bring tropical disease a lot closer to home, local agencies prep for potentially the worst mosquito season ever.

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[ By Austin Meyer | 10 Jul 2014 | ]
A face behind San Francisco’s gentrification problem Benito Santiago, 63, is one of an increasing number of seniors facing rising rents and eviction under the Ellis Act — a state law that enables speculators to buy property hoping to flip it into an easy profit.

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[ By Tobin Asher | 30 Jun 2014 | ]
Formerly incarcerated East Palo Alto re-entry center case manager is role model for clients A couple years after Jose Cabrera was released from prison and got help from the David Lewis Reentry Center, he returned to work for the center as a case manager — now helping others get another chance at life.

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[ By Tobin Asher | 30 Jun 2014 | ]
Without funding, East Palo Alto prisoner re-entry center on the verge of closing The David Lewis Reentry Center helps formerly incarcerated persons with services to aid their reintegration into society. But despite its apparent success, the program has continually struggled to find funding.

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[ By Julia Turan | 25 Jun 2014 | ]
‘Nerd Nite’ events present intellectual talks in humorous way In early June, the third local event of the international nonprofit Nerd Nite was held in Palo Alto. The event is an example of lifelong learning, according to one of its founders.

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[ By Jessica Tonn | 18 Jun 2014 | ]
Yellow Fever Mosquito keeps Santa Clara, San Mateo Counties on alert Officials are not sure how this mosquito species got into California. The two primary and most concerning diseases spread by “Aedes aegypti” are the dengue and chikungunya viruses.

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[ By Sara Hayden | 17 Jun 2014 | ]
San Francisco photographer showcases women standing tall against domestic violence A photographer and fashionista, Amy Martin-Friedman has used her art since 2009 to raise about $300,000 for women’s shelters seeking to break the cycle of domestic or spousal violence.

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[ By Faine Greenwood | 16 Jun 2014 | ]
Bay Area drone lovers are part of a growing community, as regulations remain unclear While drone regulations continue to be unclear, the Bay Area is still seeing a growing group of drone hobbyists who spend free time building and flying small, remote-controlled helicopters and airplanes.