The ice cream business is fierce. Dairy prices tend to fluctuate, affecting the cost of ingredients. The market is also highly seasonal, so stores open year-round must weather the winter.

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Anita Alvarez competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics for Team USA at 19 years old. Today, Alvarez continues to swim with the Senior National Team, which is the highest level a synchronized swimmer can reach in the U.S. Although only 22, she rates as an elder among her teenaged teammates. And now, she has her eye toward making it to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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Will governor Ralph Northam’s proclamation for reconciliation be a flop?


Earlier this year, Virginia governor, Ralph S. Northam released a proclamation declaring 2019 to be the Year of Reconciliation and Civility in Virginia. But is Northam the right person to champion this motion for healing? Shortly after the proclamation, a racist photograph was discovered in Northam’s 1984 medical school yearbook. He is depicted as either a Klansman or in Blackface, but the governor has yet to identify which nor confirm his involvement.

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Remembering and rebuilding the Honey Run Covered Bridge after the Camp Fire

The Camp Fire destroyed the beloved Honey Run Covered Bridge. But it didn’t take long for residents to start rebuilding the bridge — using salvaged materials from the original structure.

By Melanie Hogue and Ashlyn Rollins