STANFORD — A two-sport graduate from the University of Virginia, in 2010 Meghan O’Leary hung up her softball mitt and volleyball shoes, moved to Connecticut, and worked as a production coordinator at ESPN. The job was everything she dreamed of — but she was restless. The words of the UVA rowing coach reverberated in her mind: “Come on, Meghan. You can be an Olympian in rowing.” She sat down and googled “rowing lessons.” That search would change her life.

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PALO ALTO — Applications for the H-1B visa, the program that allows companies to hire skilled immigrants, grew 3.2 percent during 2017 in the San Francisco Bay Area. That may not seem like much, but it bucks a national decline in H-1B visa applications since Donald Trump was elected president.

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SAN JOSE – In early 2017, Kinjal Zaveri and her husband were excitedly preparing to buy a house in San Jose when President Trump’s administration announced it would revoke her work permit.

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A free lunch in Silicon Valley: Health and wealth disparity in our food system


SILICON VALLEY – There’s no such thing as a free lunch. This household phrase harkens back to the once common practice of offering a free lunch to saloon patrons who purchased at least one drink. It was believed that the provided meals were deliberately high in salt, intended to keep bar customers thirsty. Embedded in the phrase, and its origin, is the idea that one can never get something for nothing — there is always a hidden cost.

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Beyond Zodiac: A 360 video tour of the Bay Area crime scenes

Fifty years ago, a murderer caused panic and hysteria in the San Francisco Bay Area. Revisit the sites where confirmed attacks took place.

By Katlyn Alo, Anthony Miller, Marta Oliver-Craviotto and Matt Shimura