PALO ALTO — Faced with a lack of guidance from their doctors and the possibility that cannabidiol could help their sick children, parents are taking their children’s health into their own hands.

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LONG BEACH — San Carlos-based civil rights attorney Bruce Nickerson estimates that between 40,000 and 50,000 people in California, mainly gay men, have been arrested in illegitimate police decoy operations since 1979, the year the California Supreme Court redefined lewd conduct to include a question of whether an action was highly offensive to an observer.

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Women of Silicon Valley: A safe haven for women in technology


SILICON VALLEY — Lea Coligado was 19 years old when she held a summer internship at a small software company in Silicon Valley. While there, she faced comments about how women don’t code because they are better at art and heard insinuations that women’s brains were just not wired to handle the algorithmic complexity that their male counterparts could. Instead of complimenting her code, she received comments about her clothes. 

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In East Palo Alto, some immigrant families opting out of benefits amidst news of possible ‘public charge’ rule changes


The Trump administration may soon expand the criteria used to determine whether immigrants seeking permanent residency status are at risk of becoming a “burden to American taxpayers.” News of the proposed changes to the “public charge” test have spread through immigrant communities around the country, including in East Palo Alto.

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Beyond Zodiac: A 360 video tour of the Bay Area crime scenes

Fifty years ago, a murderer caused panic and hysteria in the San Francisco Bay Area. Revisit the sites where confirmed attacks took place.

By Katlyn Alo, Anthony Miller, Marta Oliver-Craviotto and Matt Shimura