She waited four years for affordable housing — and a new lease on life


Annette Rodrigo’s story shows how a network of shelters, case managers and housing providers can eventually come together to move some of the thousands of people experiencing homelessness in Santa Clara County off the streets— if they can make it through all the obstacles, and the waiting, to get there — and how much of a difference having a roof can make.

Tree shortage leaves East Palo susceptible to climate change


Palo Alto, a city with a median annual income of $158,000, has tree canopy coverage as high as 25% in some neighborhoods, according to the Healthy Places Index. Trees occupy a fourth of the land within the city. Adjacent East Palo Alto, where three in four residents are either Black or Latino, has a median income of $67,000. HPI shows one neighborhood with canopy coverage of 12%. The rest have 6%.