California’s Parental Notification Policy Ignites Controversy Over Trans Youth Rights

SACRAMENTO, CA — In July, a California School Board passed a controversial “Parental Notification Policy”, referred to by critics as the “Forced Outing Policy,” requiring schools to inform parents about changes in students’ gender identities. Judge Thomas Garza later imposed a temporary hold. This polarizing topic ignited heated debates from both sides. The conservative political organization Moms for Liberty supports it saying it reinforces parental authority while questioning the need for privacy for trans youth. In response, the grassroots coalition the National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice held its first town hall meeting called, “Stand Up for Trans Youth” in Sacramento on Oct. 7, to raise public awareness about the policy saying that it is discriminatory to the transgender community.


  • Eve Yi Lu

    Eve Yi Lu holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Shanghai University in China and graduated from the University of Miami with an M.A. in Journalism in 2023. She is also an alumna of the Lede Program 2022 for Data Journalism at Columbia University where she brings a data-driven approach to her reporting with special interests in social gender inequalities and global environmental matters. Most recently, Eve managed to uncover and analyze Florida’s non-medical abortion costs after Roe v. Wade being overturned based on self-built statewide datasets. Eve is also a passionate filmmaker. Her documentary Tidal Variance on regional water issues in collaboration with peers from India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan premiered at The Bill Cosford Cinema and garnered recognition at multiple film festivals. Prior to Stanford, she gained experience as an editor at Bytedance and as a TV show director assistant at The International Channel Shanghai. Eve is an amateur cartoonist and an avid thriller moviegoer.

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