Advice from a legendary wildlife photographer: Amos Nachoum

Amos Nachoum’s office space looks different than most: it’s underwater in the ocean, and occasionally the wilderness. For the past three decades, the 70-year-old Israeli has been pushing the boundaries of wildlife photography.

There is no right way to become a world-renowned wildlife photographer – Nachoum took up stints as a war photographer in Israel and a cab driver in New York City in his early career. However, success in the field often hinges upon grit, creativity, and a willingness to learn.

One of Nachoum’s most famous undertakings is photographing swimming polar bears. In fact, there was a documentary all about it, Picture of His Life. You can watch the documentary at

Peninsula Press reporter Noah Cortez had the opportunity to speak with Nachoum to reveal the best advice that budding journalists and photographers can have as they start their careers. Here are his answers:


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