If California’s Homeless Attended the Super Bowl

A comparison of local government spending on homeless services versus American consumer spending on Super Bowl Sunday.

Almost 65,000 people from all over the world will converge on Miami, Florida to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday.

In California, less than 3,000 miles away from South Beach, there are more than 90,000 homeless people in the state’s five largest counties. These counties spend an average of $40,000 per year on one homeless person, which amounts to $3.6 billion per year.

Yet American adults spend $14.8 billion collectively on food, drinks and merchandise for Super Bowl Sunday. If those funds were redirected to services for people without homes, it could cover the five California counties’ homeless spending for four years.

Data sources: The Guardian, SFGov.org, The Mercury News, Times of San Diego, Sacramento Bee, CNBC.com

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