After defeat two years ago, Neysa Fligor tries again for Los Altos City Council

Neysa Fligor, an in-house attorney at Hewlett-Packard and mother, is running for Los Altos City Council this year. But it isn’t her first time. She lost back in 2016 by only six votes.

“And if you think about that it means I just needed to walk one more block,” she said. “But it also means six of my friends or seven more residents needed to vote.”

“Everybody should vote,” she added. “Every vote matters. You know that’s how you express yourself. That’s the beauty of the democracy in the U.S. Even if your vote really won’t make a difference, at least you participated at least you had your voice heard.”

Tamara Fagin, who was her campaign manager in 2016 and this year, described Fligor as an old soul.

“She’s much wiser older, and I’m not just talking about her nonuse of social media, but just tech stuff in general, which kind of cracks me up because here we are in Silicon Valley,” Fagin said. “…She said to me that’s how she gets so much done. And she does. She works full-time usually, has two kids, a husband and is on the board of El Camino Hospital, does all this community stuff. So yeah that doesn’t leave much time for posting on Facebook.”

Three of the most important issues Fligor wants to address if she’s elected are traffic safety and improvements, city infrastructure and identifying which parts of the city’s downtown vision plan residents want and moving forward with them.

David Fligor, her husband, believes she is a stronger candidate this time around.

“She really doesn’t want to take any vote for granted, of course,” he said. “…She has had to be away from home quite a bit on the weekends this fall, but we also know it’s, you know, it’s temporary. If she gets the position, she’ll obviously be busy on Tuesday nights and some other parts of the week, but she’s great at juggling things and we make time.”

Four other candidates are running for city council including Mayor Jean Mordo, Nancy Bremeau, Anita Enander, and Teresa Morris.

Information on all the candidates can be found on this post by The Los Altos Town Crier.


  • Ashlyn Rollins

    Ashlyn Rolllins graduated summa cum laude from Corban University with a B.S. in political science. Her passions include advocating for vulnerable populations including the elderly and those living in poverty. After her semester studying communications, marketing, migration and free speech and interning in Washington, D.C., she served as editor-in-chief for her school’s newspaper, The Hilltop. In this role, she gave students a platform to share their “me too” experiences and sought to relate national news and campus news. During her senior year, she wrote her thesis on malnutrition in nursing homes and presented it at a national undergraduate research conference. Ashlyn is excited to use the data and storytelling skills she learns at Stanford to write affective stories about major political issues.

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