Does rapid yoga have staying power?


The Bay Area’s fast-paced way of life leaves people desperately looking for ways to find balance. Yoga and other forms of exercise are always popular, but lack of free time can leave many wanting more.

Turbo26 is a new hot yoga studio in Stanford Shopping Center. It’s unique from other hot yoga studios because the classes are only 26 minutes long—instead of an hour—and run back-to-back all day long. It is based on a credit system: show up at any time on any day and the first 26 minute session is two credits, and any session after that (stackable) is only one credit. A ten-credit pack costs around $100, comparable to traditional hot yoga prices.

Time will tell if the concept of yoga in 30 minute blocks will have staying power, or if the idea spreads beyond the Bay Area. That’s because shortening the length of a practice that began as an all-day activity begs the question — is this a productive way to exercise your body, or is “rapid yoga” a contradictory way to find balance?