Caltrain raises ticket prices to address budget deficit

Starting Oct.1, Caltrain has adopted fare changes aimed at reducing a deficit in its operating budget.

Riders have to pay an additional 25 cents per zone and $82.50 instead of $55 for a monthly parking pass. Eight-ride tickets will be eliminated due to underuse by the end of October.

Ticket and parking pass sales cover about 66 percent of Caltrain’s operating costs, according to an Aug. 3 press release. Due to decreasing funding and increasing operating costs, Caltrain will have to spend over $8 million in reserves for its operations in the 2018 fiscal year, even with October’s fare changes.

Caltrain had last changed its prices in 2015. A further fare hike is planned for July 1, 2018. It will affect the cost of monthly pass tickets only.


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