In new political climate, more women are investing in long-term birth control


Since President Donald Trump’s November election victory, more women are investing in long-term birth control — particularly, intrauterine devices (IUDs).

Google Trends shows a dramatic spike in people Google-searching the word “IUD” just two days before Election Day. A study from athenahealth shows that doctor’s visits related to IUDs increased 19 percent between October and December 2016.

In the video above, we talk to women like Abbee, Maria and Bianca, who have recently received an IUD as a precaution to possible changes in contraceptive funding or policy by the Trump administration. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Peninsula Press withheld the last names of the women interviewed at request to protect their privacy.)

“I’m frightened for the future of women’s reproductive health in this country,” Abbee told Peninsula Press.