The people behind the scenes: Stanford Athletics equipment managers

In a job that usually goes unnoticed, equipment managers often work tirelessly to equip athletes with gear.

In a job that usually goes unnoticed, the Stanford Athletics equipment managers work tirelessly to equip Stanford’s 36 varsity sports with athletic gear.

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Chris Dountas, assistant athletics director of equipment services, described how most people interact with sports: “Most people get off work, flip their TVs onto whatever game is on, watch and turn the TV off once the game is over.” Most might not think about the hours of preparation before game time or the hours of completing the game day mission once it’s over. Equipment managers help ensure athletes look their best to play their best.

“It’s a lot more than laundry,” said fellow equipment manager Colleen Hager.

Stanford equipment managers prepare more than 900 student athletes for competition by washing their practice gear and game-day jerseys, assisting in uniform designs, filling out order forms, meeting with coaches, picking out shoes and fitting players with all necessary game equipment. Working long hours, these managers are often the first to show up and the last to leave sporting events.

The video above gives a glimpse into the world of equipment managers.

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