San Jose Earthquakes kick off 2015 season in newly built Avaya Stadium

On March 22, the San Jose Earthquakes will host its first home game against the Chicago Fire at the brand new, ultramodern Avaya Stadium.

The stadium in San Jose will be put to its first full test as that game is already sold out.

The creation of Avaya Stadium was a landmark for the Earthquakes organization and for soccer fans in the Bay Area. Before Avaya Stadium, the Earthquakes played home games at Santa Clara University‚Äôs soccer stadium. Although playing games there was not a terrible scenario for the Earthquakes — the actual field itself was comparable to any other MLS (Major League Soccer) stadium — the stadium lacked the necessary features to create the full fan experience.

Avaya Stadium, with its many fan-specific elements, is a step forward in the development of the Earthquakes organization. In the Bay Area, it is the first ever soccer-specific stadium.

Avaya Stadium represents the newest advances in stadium engineering with several of its features. The stadium is the first cloud-enabled professional sports venue that supports mobile applications, enabling an interactive experience. The whole stadium runs on sustainable energy, provided by founding partner PetersenDean Solar and Roofing. The stadium also has an open-air, canopy roof with the steepest seats in the MLS to create a compelling fan experience. Additionally, the end zone on the north side houses the largest outdoor bar in the United States.

The video above explores how the stadium represents a new chapter for the San Jose Earthquakes.


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