Traffic hazards near two Mountain View schools has area parent looking for solutions

When the last bell rings at Monta Loma Elementary School and Crittenden Middle School in Mountain View, the commotion between parents in cars and children on bicycles begin.

There isn’t a designated bicycle lane on Thompson Street for the middle school students to ride on, so they are forced to squeeze in between the parked cars and moving cars of parents picking up their children from the elementary school.

Gregory Frank is a concerned parent who lives in Mountain View’s Monta Loma neighborhood and noticed the problem while riding with his daughter and her friends to and from school for a few weeks.

Monta Loma Elementary School and Crittenden Middle School end the school day only 20 minutes apart. Frank says by the time the middle school students get on their bikes, they hit the traffic of parents waiting for their children at the elementary school.

With the current lack of funding in the schools and the police department, Frank is still working with various city organizations to find a solution to this problem. Hear the podcast above for a deeper dive into this issue.


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