Data Viz: Green Jobs and Services

Data visualization by Katie Straub

As was emphasized by panelists and speakers at the 2015 State of the Valley conference, Silicon Valley has worked to grow cleantech and green development in recent years.

One indication of this phenomenon can be found in faster clearing times for cleantech installation permits. In Silicon Valley today, solar permits require on average about 2.75 days to complete, nearly twice as fast as solar permits in 2011. Geothermal permit times have sped up significantly as well — as have wind permits, now almost 7 times faster than 2010. These patterns may result from Silicon Valley’s mission to make renewable energy more readily incorporated in the commercial as well as residential development.

Solar energy installations in Silicon Valley, one of the area’s more funded cleantech ventures, cropped up most in government sector development than any other sector in 2013. Though, the distribution of solar installations seems to be historically shared between commercial and government sectors.

Below, compare by industry the number of existing “green” jobs and services nationwide, as compiled from Green Goods and Services 2012 survey data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Click on an industry in the map to view a list “green” jobs and services within that industry, as well as the areas of development they address.