San Jose continues to tweak rules on accessory dwelling units to address housing shortage



In an effort to address San Jose’s housing shortage, the city’s planning commission has recommended that any home can build a detached accessory dwelling unit so long as it is 45 feet from the property line.

Originally, the planning commission had ruled, in order to build an ADU with two-bedrooms, they were required to be 800 sq. feet. The specific square footage led to confusion, delayed permit approvals and frustration for residents trying to build an ADU on the property.

Shiloh Ballard, chair for the San Jose Planning Commission, went on record to say that the original language prohibited people who owned smaller properties from reaping the benefits of an ADU rental.

Recommendations from the planning commission are the latest re-zoning changes in San Jose. The San Jose City Council approved the commission’s proposals on Nov. 19.

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