Nationwide ‘Take Back The Night’ event brings awareness to sexual assault on college campuses


Students, faculty and community members gathered Tuesday evening to rally, march and speak out about sexual assault on college campuses for the national Take Back The Night event.

Stanford’s event was just one of hundreds that happen at the end of sexual assault awareness month in April.

Community organizer and Stanford student, Malia Wakinekona recognized the importance of having such an event.

“Sexual assault is a human problem,” she said. “It’s not just something that happens at Stanford, it’s not just something that happens on college campuses, it happens everywhere in the world and more likely between people who know each other versus people that are strangers.”

In fact, according to the Take Back the Night website, one in three women experience some form of sexual violence and less than 50 percent of victims report these crimes.

“People especially women, girls, when you get sexually assaulted, it’s like you’re destroyed for life,” said Rekha Dadlani, a Stanford parent. “My prayer to God every day is that it doesn’t happen to me and it doesn’t happen to any girl living on this planet.”