“In Deep” radio’s Angie Coiro on the art of the interview


Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park is famous for its selection and knowledgeable staff. But it’s also the home of one of the best interviewers in the game, a purple-haired interviewing genius named Angie Coiro.

On May 4, Coiro interviewed Susan Faludi, author of “In the Darkroom,” at Kepler’s Books. Their conversation is being turned into an episode of Coiro’s nationally syndicated radio show that runs from Washington, D.C. to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Originally trained as an actor, Coiro has had a long road to independent radio. Born in Indiana, she said she “escaped,” and made it all the way to Hawaii where she realized there wasn’t much market for a white woman with a Midwestern accent. She then came to California and found the art of interviewing suited well with her acting talents.

“In Deep” is recorded in front of live audiences, and Coiro and Kepler’s have teamed up to have it performed at the independent bookstore for the last few years. The interviews are well-attended, averaging over 100 attendees per week. Working with just a producer and a sound engineer, Coiro puts out a radio show nearly every week that makes it around the nation on various stations — all while maintaining her probing, lively tone that needs an audience but not much else to keep radio alive.

Coiro says she loves the freedom that “In Deep” provides her. While she does miss the juggling act of live radio, she finds that long-form interviewing gets at exactly what people want to hear.

“In Deep” is live-theatre combined with radio, combined with the journalistic thrill of a tough interview all at once. And Coiro is the star of the show, keeping the guests and audience on their toes, and constantly striving to go deeper.