Drone races remain popular at Maker Faire in San Mateo


Thousands attended the three-day Maker Faire in San Mateo over the weekend to gaze at engineering marvels, eat fried seafood and watch drones smash into each other.

The Aerial Sports League hosted several drone races and drone combat events at Sunday’s event. Aerial Sports League founder and CEO Marque Cornblatt has hosted drone games at the faire for the past few years.

He said drone racing at the faire “has really exploded in popularity.”

As dozens of families watched, Cornblatt and his crew held a drone race in a dark building where the track and drones were lit up with bright-colored lights. It’s the first time the “dark track” has been unveiled at the faire.

“It’s a really exciting way to watch drone racing,” he said. “It looks like you’re watching something out of the movie, ‘Tron.'”

There will be another World Maker Faire in New York in October. For more information, visit makerfaire.com.