A voyage to one of Vegas’ largest wedding chapels


Viva Las Vegas is one of the largest wedding chapels located in the “wedding district” of Las Vegas, Nev.

The wedding district is lined with chapels and hotels adjacent to each other. Viva Las Vegas has four chapels and multiple, themed rooms. They offer a variety of ceremonies from traditional to Elvis-themed. These weddings can all be watched live online via a website.

At a price close to $800, one of the most popular packages is the Elvis package where a pink ‘Caddy’ pulls right into the chapel to start off the ceremony. On average, the chapel holds around 300 weddings a month and averages 8 to 12 weddings a day.

The recent Valentine’s Day holiday weekend brought in a lot of couples from across the country to get married. There were about 80 weddings ceremonies on Valentine’s Day this year at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel — amounting to an income of around $56,000 for the chapel in one day.

Although Las Vegas weddings have the reputation for being “spur of the moment” or drive-through weddings, this is not always the case. Both couples interviewed in the video above planned roughly a year in advance for their Vegas wedding celebrations, traveling from Little Rock, Ark., and Buffalo, N.Y.