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Director of Strategic Operations, San Mateo County Health System


Srija Srinivasan is the Director of Strategic Operations for the San Mateo County Health System. In this role, she has operational responsibility for an eligibility/enrollment team serving uninsured and publicly covered residents and clients of the health system. Her current areas of focus include the system’s work to implement the Affordable Care Act in San Mateo County. She oversees a 32-person Health Coverage Unit team that conducts outreach and enrollment for health coverage, including the Healthy Kids program that is part of the county’s effort to provide universal health insurance coverage for children.

She joined the county health system’s executive team eight years ago to direct a newly forming Policy and Planning unit, which was launched to address strategic health issues in partnership with the community. Srinivasan has nearly 20 years of experience in health policy and community health issues, including several senior roles in the public, nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. She received both her bachelor’s (Human Biology) and MBA degrees from Stanford.