New York activists express both praise, disdain for Trump


Since Inauguration Day, New York activists have continued to turn out in record numbers for political rallies across the city, spanning issues like women’s rights, immigrant rights and the preservation of a sound American democracy.

A recent national holiday in February proved no different, and marked another occasion that allowed New Yorkers to express their civic opinions.

At Trump Tower, a loud group of President Donald Trump’s supporters gathered at daybreak to express their glowing opinions of Trump and his divisive policies. Wrapped in American flags and flaunting signs such as “Build The Wall,” “Travel Ban” and “Hispanics for Trump,” the raucous group taunted passersby who shouted their disagreements.

Julie King Jackson, an active Trump supporter who has attended several pro-Trump rallies, explained her rationale for attending so many rallies in spite of jeers from bystanders: “I’m honoring Donald Trump because he is bringing back jobs to America.”

She lamented the mainstream media, and recalled Trump’s recent order restricting access to the United States for citizens from predominantly Muslim countries. “President Trump wants to keep us safe,” she argued. “It’s not a Muslim ban, it’s a travel ban.”

Across Central Park, anti-Trump activists paraded through the streets in a human blanket that surrounded the perimeter of the Trump International Hotel. En masse, the crowd chanted “shame” to all hotel guests entering the lobby, and marched circles around the building to the beat of drums and songs.

One voice rang clear above a blur of pink hats, yelling: “Show me what democracy looks like!” The answer from the crowd was swift: “This is what democracy looks like!”